Osseous Recontouring – Olympia, WA

One of the most common surgical procedures performed in periodontics, osseous is used to treat periodontal disease that has not been able to be resolved by other methods. In our office, we try a noninvasive conservative approach with either deep cleanings or laser therapy first. In some cases, not all areas may respond to this conservative form of treatment and may require additional procedures. During osseous, our periodontists will recontour the tissue and bone levels to reduce the residual periodontal pockets. This procedure provides access to thoroughly remove all plaque and calculus. During the procedure, irregularities of the bone caused by the periodontal disease are smoothed over and the tissue placed at a higher level around the tooth, closer to the bone. This will allow you to better clean the area and keep your periodontal disease maintained.  

By moving the gum closer to the bone, the pockets will be reduced or eliminated; however, the tooth will then appear longer and the spaces between the teeth will be larger. In cosmetic areas, other treatment options, such as LANAP, may be considered depending on how much gum tissue you show when you smile. Ask Dr. Coppin and Dr. Lane which option is right for you!